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The Dark and Lovely Academy is the leading location to fully experience the Dark and Lovely Professional expertise, on african hair, located in the most dynamic neighbourhood of Johannesburg.
We are SETA FULLY ACCREDITED ACADEMY and The mission of this institute of education excellence is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and INSPIRE the future best African hair stylists.

Our Purpose

The purpose of THE ACADEMY is to develop professional hairdressers for the 21st century.
THE ACADEMY understands the necessity of providing international training and professionalism to all of its students.



Missions of THE ACADEMY are:
- To provide every student with a superior level of education
- Prepare students to successfully pass the Trade Examination
- Teach students entrepreneurial skills
- Instill discipline, professionalism and confidence to all students


Our Space

The academy studio

The auditorium

digital centre

learning spaces

New Generation courses for
A new generation
of students

Beginner courses *
3 months

SETA Accredited beginner course is for student who has a powerful flair for hair, but does not understand theoretic applications to practicals. We begin the journey from A-Z in edited form. This course will benefit a naturally creative person who needs to understand the science of hair and beauty.

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Advanced courses *
6 weeks

In the Advanced Class the beginner student would now have written and passed his/her beginner course. In this advanced class we will now hone new skills and introduce you to modern hairstyles e.g. Fashionable short haircuts, bonding techniques, and high fashion bridal styling and colouring.

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Pre Trade Test *
2 weeks

This qualification ensures that you are internationally recognized. This is your pride and gateway to recognition. Allow the Dark & Lovely team to take you on this two week journey.

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Full accreditation *
2 years

A full Accreditation course is for natural born creatives. You will be taught the A-Z of all hair technology, product, management courses, make up application, and everything in-between. This full accreditation course will enable you to work in a high powered hairdressing salon.

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